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Jane Broadhurst is an experienced Occupational Therapist who has worked in a variety of positions and more recently concentrating her focus on lymphoedema (as a Level 1 Lymphoedema Therapist) and scar management.  She continues to work as a Senior OT within the State Comprehensive Cancer Centre addressing these issues, and also teaches at the school of OT at Curtin University.  She has a strong passion for research and is currently involved in a number of research projects.

Current Research

*Outcomes of lymph node transfer surgery (collaborative project with Dept of Plastic Surgery)

*Investigating the outcomes of compression and exercise in head and neck lymphoedema

*The effect on swallowing of early intervention in the management with head and neck lymphoedema 

*Early surveillance using bioimpedance technology in the identification of lymphoedema post-axillary clearance for melanoma

Rosemary Kendell is an experienced Occupational Therapist, specialising in scar and lymphoedema management.   She has extensive experience in working with scarring, continuing to work in the State Adult Burns Unit, and is a qualified Level 1 Lymphoedema Practitioner.  You may wonder how these two interest areas intersect?  Compression.  Pressure garments are often (but not necessarily) used both in the management of scarring AND of lymphoedema.  She has considerable experience with compression (in all its forms), is currently undertaking further research in this area, works as a Clinical Advisor in compression, guest lectures at Edith Cowan University, and provides professional development workshops all over Australia and New Zealand in the use of compression.

Current Research

*Post-burn healing:  quantifying optimal compression therapy

*Optimising scar outcome through the use of a silicone-based film-forming wound dressing

Recent Professional Presentations/Publications:

  • ScarCon May 2018 (Amsterdam)
    “Assessing the impact of carbon dioxide laser treatment in burn-related scarring”
  • S & N Workshop April 2018 (Brisbane)
    “Pressure Garment Prescription and Design”
  • S & N Workshop July 2017 (Darwin)
    “Compression for scar management, lymphoedema and vascular indications” 
  • ANZBA 2016 (Auckland)
    “A rubric for the prescription of pressure garments”
  • New Zealand Burn Scar Management Forum 2015 (Auckland)
    “Making a good garment better – pressure garment prescription”
  • Trauma Conference 2014 (Perth)
    “Facial Scarring – Lessons Learned”
  • New Zealand Burn Scar Management Forum 2013 (Auckland)
    “A Case Study in Problem Solving with Pressure Garments”
  • Australian Burn Scar Management Forum 2012 (Melbourne)
    “A Case Study in Problem Solving with Pressure Garments”
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